Let MagicSteamer take one more job off your hands (and knees) with a powerful, yet safe and gentle, cleaning process.  MagicSteamer can restore your ceramic tile and grout surfaces such as bathroom floors, showers and tubs, kitchen floors, tiled foyers and entryways, tiled halls, sun rooms, countertops, etc.

MagicSteamer uses a state-of-the-art Elite Truck mount cleaning system.  MagicSteamer applies an eco-friendly non-allergenic prespray to your tile and grout, then brushes your tile and grout lines to agitate the prespray.

MagicSteamer then rinses out all soil and stains from your tile and grout with a turbo hybrid system pressure of 1200psi and 220°F hot water and leaves you with amazing results of clean grout lines and sparking tiles.

At Magic steamer we also have a mini turbo Hybrid for cleaning tiles in showers and kitchen back splashes.  MagicSteamer can clean your flagstone patio and decks as well.

MagicSteamer's ceramic tile floor cleaning treatment includes:

  • Removing loose dirt using the best vacuuming methods.
  • Employing the finest pH neutral cleansing materials specially formulated for thorough cleansing of ceramic tiles and grouts.
  • Repeated and thorough rinsing of surfaces in order to ensure that no cleaning materials remain.

With proper care, cleaning and maintenance, you will keep your ceramic tiles looking their best, whether on the floor, wall, or countertop.  MagicSteamer will bring your tiles back to life, looking attractive and decorative once again.